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Air Emissions Inventories

Air Emissions Inventories

Air Emissions Inventories

SC&A develops emissions inventories for criteria pollutants, air toxic, and greenhouse gases. We have experience with emission inventory development for geographic scales that vary from local to state, from regional to national. Our staff have expertise in using EPA’s mobile source emission models, including MOVES, NONROAD, NMIM, MOBILE6, and EDMS.

Sample Projects

  • SC&A is developing an improved PM2.5 emission inventory for Harris County, Texas (the greater Houston Metro area), in order to establish a better scientific understanding of PM2.5 emissions and transport.
  • SC&A developed standard templates for use by state DOTs in the preparation of project-level analyses for PM and CO. We also developed a master template for states to create guidelines for project-level analyses to help practitioners meet all applicable federal and state requirements. These templates will assist agencies in applying the MOVES model and appropriate dispersion models to perform project-level hot-spot analyses needed in the development of documents that must be submitted to fulfill their NEPA or project-level conformity requirements.
  • SC&A staff supported the Southern California Association of Governments’ Climate and Economic Development Project (CEDP), a path-breaking partnership initiative focused on producing outcomes that support regional planning and implementation in compliance with California Senate Bill (SB) 375 and Assembly Bill (AB) 32. While the emphasis of this project is on reducing GHG emissions and vehicle miles travelled (VMT) as mandated in legislation, the process is also intended to offer important and tangible benefits, including stimulating economic development and job growth, improving the region’s natural resources and environment, reducing criteria air pollutant emissions, achieving greater social equity, and enhancing the quality of life for residents of Southern California. SC&A worked on this project in partnership with the Center for Climate Strategies.

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