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Air Permits & Compliance Support

Air Permits & Compliance Support

Air Permits & Compliance Support

SC&A staff are expert in a wide range of environmental laws and pollution control devices. Services include:

  • Inventories of air pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Air permit applications
  • Monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting plans for air pollution and greenhouse gas regulatory programs
  • Air emissions modeling and control technology cost effectiveness analysis
  • Training in environmental compliance programs
  • Integrating policies and procedures with environmental laws, regulations, and standards

Sample Projects

  • For the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Office of Environmental Policy and Assistance, SC&A helps track and respond to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulatory and policy initiatives related to the Clean Air Act and other environmental laws.
  • For our clients nationwide, SC&A provides air regulatory updates and assists in compliance with continuously evolving environmental regulations.
  • For the Ohio Environmental Education Fund, SC&A developed and presented a training program on the U.S. greenhouse gas reporting rule that received an Honorable Mention from the Ohio EPA for outreach programs to the regulated community.
  • For EPA, SC&A ran the Indoor Air Quality Information Clearinghouse, including operating a toll-free hotline, handling up to 3,000 phone and email inquiries per month, and developing a database to track caller information.
  • For a private client, SC&A analyzed and audited oil and gas operations to assess greenhouse gas emissions and determine the applicability of air permit and air compliance requirements.

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