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Climate Change & Sustainability

Climate Change & Sustainability

Climate Change & Sustainability

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SC&A is now a CDP Cities Accredited Service Provider. CDP is a nonprofit organization that runs the global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states, and regions to manage their environmental impacts. Through this partnership, SC&A supports CDP cities in disclosing their environmental activities, understanding their impact, and taking action to achieve enhanced sustainability and resilience.

SC&A staff has assisted governments and agencies in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and China in developing frameworks that address greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation and adaptation to climate change effects. Services include:

  • GHG emission inventory development and forecasting
  • Cost-benefit analysis of GHG abatement initiatives
  • Adaptation/resiliency analysis
  • Stakeholder planning support and facilitation of technical working groups

Sample Projects

  • SC&A is conducting part of a capacity-building project in Baja California, Mexico, to help stakeholders and local experts design a suite of GHG mitigation policies, assess their GHG reduction potential and social costs, and ultimately prepare the GHG marginal abatement cost curve of proposed actions. The outcome of this project will be integrated in Baja California’s state climate action plan (or PEACC-BC in Spanish). SC&A is responsible for building capacity in the area of transportation and land use, and also for providing technical expertise in matters relating to the GHG emission baseline. SC&A is conducting this project for the Secretariat of Environmental Protection of Baja California, in partnership with the Center for Climate Strategies and with support from the Border Environmental Cooperation Commission.
  • The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) is one of seven pilot entities that the Federal Transit Administration is funding to conduct climate change adaptation assessments. The CTA pilot project is focused on assessing the vulnerability of transit agency assets and services to climate change hazards, such as extreme heat and flooding. SC&A staff analyzed the impact of high heat, extreme cold, rain, and snow on ridership and overall CTA revenues and used information to develop risk-based adaptation strategies to reduce system vulnerability.

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