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Dose Assessment & Health Effects

Dose Assessment & Health Effects

Dose Assessment & Health Effects

Since 1981, SC&A has assessed the potential environmental and public health impacts of radioactive material in the workplace and the environment. Our staff of nuclear physicists, nuclear engineers, health physicists (including Certified Health Physicists), and public health and safety professionals provide the full range of radiological assessment services, including:

  • Compiling and reviewing data characterizing the radioactive contamination and radiation fields in environmental and occupational settings
  • Accident analysis
  • Multimedia pathway modeling
  • Dose assessments
  • Risk assessments
  • Preparation of permits
  • Nuclear licensing reviews
  • Model development
  • Historical dose reconstruction
  • Radioecological damage assessments
  • NEPA document review and preparation

Sample Projects

Dose Reconstruction. SC&A is the technical support contractor to the CDC Advisory Board on Radiation and Worker Health. We independently evaluate the historical occupational radiation exposures experienced by radiation workers in the U.S. Atomic Weapons Complex.

Effects of Nuclear Testing. SC&A has helped the government of the Republic of the Marshall Islands evaluate the effects of nuclear testing. In 2020, we reported on the radio-carcinogenic and other health effects of radiation exposures from weapons testing and fallout from 1946 to the present and projected the number of future cancers that might occur. Earlier projects compiled and evaluated radiological data on residual contamination from weapons testing, evaluated Marshall Islanders’ past and current radiation exposures and associated health risks, and identified cost-effective strategies for remediating contaminated atolls to acceptable levels.

Rulemaking Support. To support a possible U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) rulemaking that would reduce the occupational radiation exposure limits for NRC and Agreement State licensees, SC&A compiled a national database on occupational radiation exposures of U.S. licensees and evaluated the cost-effectiveness of alternative rulemaking strategies.

Support to EPA Office of Radiation and Indoor Air. For the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Radiation and Indoor Air, SC&A has performed investigations and prepared reports on site remediation, emergency planning, and the protection of air and water resources, public health, and terrestrial and aquatic biota.

Support to CDC Radiation Studies Branch. For the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Radiation Studies Branch, SC&A has provided a broad range of services related to homeland security and the reconstruction of radiation doses to members of the public living near weapons complex facilities.

Radiation and Natural Gas Extraction. SC&A evaluated the radiological exposures and waste management issues associated with natural gas exploration and extraction in Marcellus shale formations in Pennsylvania.

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