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Technical Editing

Technical Editing

Technical Editing

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SC&A’s technical editors and writers have extensive experience with both scientific documents and public information pieces. Services include:

  • Copy editing – a basic edit to ensure that documents are error free
  • Substantive editing – an in-depth rewrite in “Plain Language” as appropriate
  • Writing or abstracting original material
  • Converting complex technical information into accessible public information pieces
  • Document design and layout
  • Quick turnaround or long-term projects
  • Use of many commercial and client-specific style guides, including AP, APA, GPO, U.S. EPA, and U.S. NRC

Sample Projects

  • SC&A recently substantively edited an operations guide for a new software product by Navus, LLP, an IT solution provider located in Kazakhstan. We ensured that the guide complied with the Microsoft Manual of Style for Technical Publications and also copy edited the product's Web page to reflect American English usage.
  • SC&A provides technical editors and writers on short notice for all U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission publications, including environmental impact statements, inspection reports, research reports, regulatory documents, public information pieces, and reports to Congress. Projects include Official Use Only and Safeguards Information documents stored on secure servers.
  • SC&A edited an Information Brief on annual state research and development expenditures for the National Science Foundation, including a review of data tables for accuracy and consistency.
  • SC&A supplied technical writers, editors, and graphic artists to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Radiation and Indoor Air to complete Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings; Building a New Home: Have You Considered Radon; Healthy Buildings, Healthy People; the Community Action Kit; and the Smoke-Free Home Pledge Kit.

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