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SC&A develops and delivers computer-based and in-person training courses and materials on emergency preparedness and response concepts and procedures. Our services include:

  • Researching and developing course content
  • Preparing course materials, including e-learning modules, slides, and handouts
  • Delivering courses in person or online

Sample Projects

  • COOP Training. As part of providing overall Continuity of Operations (COOP) program support for the City of Santa Cruz Public Health Department, we helped establish the foundations for delivering COOP training for both DPH-designed COOP responsibilities and general awareness training for all staff. Specifically, SC&A provided expertise to the Department in developing their Business Impact Analysis, COOP Plan, and training objectives and recommendations for designated and general staff.
  • DNDO Quick Start. For more than a year, SC&A served as the contractor lead to assist the U.S. Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) in revised and delivering the Office’s “Quick Start” training program. SC&A experts evaluated and made recommendations for improving existing materials, revised the course based on these recommendations, coordinated with DNDO stakeholders across the country to schedule courses and solicit student involvement, and delivered the course in 6 of the Government’s 10 regions and to more than 500 state and local students.
  • RERT e-Learning. For the EPA Radiological Emergency Response Team, SC&A developed an e-learning orientation course for new members and prepared training presentations on changes in response plans and roles.
  • PAG Workshops. For EPA, SC&A supported the development, conduct, and evaluation of two 4-hour workshops on revisions to the Protective Action Guide Manual. The workshops described the updates in the revision and gave a refresher on how to use the manual.
  • First Responders Training. For the Society of American Military Engineers, the New Jersey Emergency Planning Association, and police chiefs in New York State, SC&A developed and provided pro bono first responders awareness training for nuclear incidents.
  • Public Health Preparedness. For CDC, SC&A conducted focus groups and helped develop materials to improve the ability of health professionals to respond to a terrorist incident involving radioactive materials.
  • Satellite-Delivered Training. For CDC, SC&A provided subject matter experts to develop new training materials—including a satellite broadcast—on radiological and nuclear terrorism for use by public health workers.

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