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Information Management

Information Management

Information Management

SC&A offers information management services to support project data collection, analysis, and decisionmaking. Our project-specific solutions include:

Sample Projects

  • For the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of NEPA Policy and Compliance, SC&A collected data for, developed, and maintains the DOE National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) publicly searchable online database of DOE categorical exclusion determinations, one of DOE’s high-value datasets in response to the Open Government Directive.
  • For the DOE Office of NEPA Policy and Compliance, SC&A merged and enhanced two legacy databases into a consolidated Microsoft Access database with a new Windows-based interface. SC&A maintains the system, develops reports, collects data, and develops training and users’ manuals for the database.
  • For the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), SC&A developed and provided data in multiple formats for the Indoor Air Quality Building Education and Assessment Model (I-BEAM), a budget analysis tool for building professionals designed to demonstrate the financial, air-quality, and energy-use impacts of indoor air quality decisions in large commercial buildings.
  • For EPA, SC&A managed several large-scale surveys, including the National Residential Radon Survey, the National School Radon Survey, and the EPA/state residential radon survey.
  • For a private client, SC&A researched and compiled an online toolkit of state regulations for aboveground storage tanks.
  • For EPA, SC&A administered the Radon Proficiency Program. To improve program efficiency, we consolidated three programs into one and developed a modular database in Microsoft Access to automate numerous functions and track participant information.
  • For a private client, SC&A designed and built a scanning cart that mapped radiation levels at a New Jersey industrial site by linking gamma detectors and a GPS with a custom computer program.

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