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SC&A Integrity

SC&A performs and manages its work for clients with the highest standards of professional ethics. Moreover, SC&A applies the same high level of moral principles to its business practices. In particular:

  • SC&A insists on frequent and open communications with clients and does not embark on an assignment until agreement has been reached on our proposed approach to the work.
  • SC&A keeps detailed and transparent accounting records on historical and projected expenditures and shares this information with clients in as much detail as desired and as frequently as requested.
  • SC&A maintains a conflict-of-interest plan that adopts the Code of Ethics of the National Society of Professional Engineers, and that assures that we exercise objectivity in all of our work and that we are not afforded an unfair competitive advantage.
  • SC&A maintains a Quality Management Plan that provides a blueprint for the quality assurance associated with all of our work, and that is consistent with National Consensus Standard ANSI/ASQC E4.
  • SC&A recognizes that our employees constitute our only asset, and accordingly we attempt to treat our people as fairly and honestly as possible, and with complete disclosure of the business aspects of our work.
  • SC&A stands behind its work. Should negligence in the performance of any work be uncovered, SC&A will repeat the work at no cost to the client.
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