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Now Available 24/7: NORM/TENORM Awareness This popular course is now available in an online U.S. version for individual or bulk purchase.
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And Coming Soon: An International version that meets the minimum IAEA training requirements for oil and gas industry workers.

Specially designed by Mark Krohn, MHP, CHP, for the oil and gas industry, our NORM/TENORM training courses are applicable to both new employees with little education and the most experienced and educated HS&E professionals. Courses include:

The courses meet various regulatory training requirements and include recent and up-to-date NORM/TENORM information, such as:

  • New regulatory guidance
  • New types of survey instruments
  • NORM/TENORM associated with fracking operations
  • A hands-on NORM surveying exercise that allows students to practice using survey instruments to detect various levels of NORM (NORM Surveyor and NORM Radiation Safety Officer courses only)

NORM Radiation Safety Officer and NORM Surveyor courses are taught on scheduled dates several times a year. Schedule NORM Surveyor courses for a location and date you choose.

photo of a worker using NORM surveying equipment For more information or to schedule an onsite course, contact Warren Freeman at 601-807-5925 or [email protected].


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Warren Freeman, RSO, RCT, has 6 years of NORM instruction experience and has taught NORM courses throughout the U.S. to more than 50 different oil and gas industry companies.

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Rose Gogliotti has more than 6 years of experience supporting radiation safety programs in corporate, laboratory, and field settings. She specializes in radiation worker protection and regulatory compliance.

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