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Nuclear Licensing & Radiological Analysis

Nuclear Licensing & Radiological Analysis

Nuclear Licensing & Radiological Analysis

SC&A’s nuclear licensing and regulatory specialists provide technical support for nuclear power plants and nuclear fuel cycle facilities:

  • Nuclear facility licensing and license renewal
  • Combined license applications
  • Licensing-related safety and environmental evaluations
  • Regulatory analysis of proposed regulations
  • Development of inspections, tests, analyses, and acceptance criteria (ITAAC)
  • Development of regulatory environmental standards

Sample Projects

Fuel Cycle Facilities. SC&A has been supporting the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in the licensing and relicensing of several fuel cycle facilities in multiple States. SC&A has prepared NEPA documents for uranium in-situ recovery facilities in the States of Nebraska, Wyoming, and South Dakota, and for the relicensing of the only uranium conversion facility in the U.S. in Metropolis, Illinois.

Environmental Assessment for Uranium In-Situ Recovery Facility. SC&A supported the NRC in preparing the environmental assessment (EA) for the Marsland Expansion Area, which was issued in April 2018. Dr. Abe Zeitoun, SC&A Senior Vice President, and Milton Gorden, Senior Engineer, led the team that prepared the EA.

Radiation Dose Limits. For the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), SC&A evaluates the impacts of reduced radiation dose limits.

Licensing Support. SC&A provided licensing support to the NRC for more than 10 new nuclear plants nationwide.

Decommissioning Criteria. SC&A helped the NRC prepare the generic environmental statement to support rulemaking on radiological criteria for decommissioning of nuclear facilities.

ITAAC Inspection Strategies. For the NRC Region II Division of Construction Inspection, SC&A develops ITAAC family inspection strategy (IFIS) documents for the AP1000 and advanced boiling-water reactors.

Capital Costs of Regulations. For the U.S. Department of Energy, SC&A assessed the contribution of regulations to the capital costs of nuclear power plants.

Combined License Applications. For Bechtel Power, SC&A helped develop combined license applications for four nuclear power plants.

Environmental Standards for Radioactive Waste Disposal. For the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, SC&A helped develop environmental standards for radioactive waste disposal at Yucca Mountain and the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant.

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