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Systems Integration & Project Management

Systems Integration &
Project Management

Systems Integration & Project Management

Since its founding in 1981, SC&A has managed hundreds of scientific and engineering projects for federal and commercial clients, including managing personnel from other companies and integrating diverse technologies and systems to meet project needs. Our services include:

Sample Projects

  • For the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate, SC&A led an industrial and university team to develop a person-portable scanning system using terahertz technology to detect from a distance low-vapor-pressure toxic chemicals, and liquid explosives and precursors.
  • Using internal funding, SC&A is leading an Internal Research & Development project with other advanced technology companies to develop a multispectral methodology to rapidly, efficiently, and inexpensively survey buildings in a city and identify the best candidates for detailed audits and energy efficiency retrofitting. SC&A is applying for a patent for this innovation.
  • Using Internal Research & Development funds and partnering with selected advanced technology companies, SC&A has been developing capabilities to detect hazardous chemicals, explosives, and radiological materials from a distance.

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