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Waste Management Facility Performance Assessment

Waste Management Facility Performance Assessment

Waste Management Facility Performance Assessment

SC&A radiochemists, scientists, engineers, and NQA-1 trained auditors understand all types of radioactive and hazardous wastes and their governing regulations, including:

  • High-level radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel
  • Transuranic waste, both remote-handled and contact-handled
  • Low-level radioactive waste
  • 10 CFR Part 194 and DOE’s WIPP Waste Acceptance Criteria

For government and national and international commercial enterprises, we:

  • Inspect and approve systems and processes to assay hazardous waste
  • Audit radioactive waste packaging procedures to ensure compliance with regulatory commitments
  • Analyze radionuclide transport through fractured media at variable densities and saturation
  • Support technical analysis for federal agency rulemaking
  • Model seismic events, climate change, potential flooding, and precipitation effects
  • Model waste package and drip shield degradation and the long-term performance of engineered barrier systems and other containment
  • Assess waste form degradation and radionuclide release
  • Audit and inspect waste-generating and storage sites
  • Perform advanced numerical modeling to assess future performance beyond 10,000 years, including TOUGH2 and GoldSim computer codes

Sample Projects

  • For the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), SC&A inspects, characterizes, and approves all transuranic wastes from U.S. Department of Energy sites for placement in the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP).
  • For EPA, SC&A implemented advanced numerical modeling to assess future performance for the proposed Yucca Mountain high-level radioactive waste repository beyond 10,000 years and prepared a Background Information Document to support EPA’s proposed rulemaking (40 CFR Part 197).
  • For corporate, nonprofit, and government clients worldwide, SC&A conducts recycling and waste facility reviews of manufacturers, medical waste facilities, municipal solid waste landfills, fuel-blending facilities, scrap processing and recycling plants, waste-to-energy facilities, and oilfield waste transfer stations.
  • For EPA, SC&A inspected and approved the systems and processes used to assay all remote-handled and contact-handled transuranic wastes emplaced in the WIPP.

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